07 July 2020



Now we have an urgent need to install a multifunctional sports ground on the territory of Charitable Fund "Father's Care" for the Ark.

School children live in the Ark. Due to the wrong lifestyle of biological parents (addiction, imprisonment, etc.), children who grow up in such circumstances need psychological rehabilitation.

Regular exercise, outdoor games, have a beneficial effect on the physical and emotional state of the child's health. They are not only a guarantee of health and well-being, but also a way to set and achieve goals and shape the character of the child.


  • each child will have the opportunity to engage, play and develop on the sports field depending on the interests (football, volleyball, basketball or tennis);
  • children will be able to learn to establish contacts with each other, playing in teams;
  • the ability to organize games with other (invited) teams, so that children will practice to respond properly to victory and defeat.

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Together we will be able to help children of Ukraine!