06 July 2020

Mentoring and Corporate Mentoring

Mentoring and Corporate Mentoring


For individual support of teenagers and assistance, first of all in preparation for independent life, the Mentoring program has been operating in the Ark for about 10 years.

The mentor can help the child in several ways. You can do homework together or spend time with a child: teach the right patterns of behavior, communication with others. Mentors also help to develop new skills - teach to cook, shop, correctly manage finances.

A mentor is an authoritative friend who is ready to spend time with a child, communicate, give advice.

Mentoring is provided by social service centers for families, children and young people at the child's place of residence.

Corporate mentoring

The Corporate Mentoring program is a set of services provided by businesses in cooperation with NGOs and the state to support young people in understanding their talents, desires and opportunities in determining their future profession in order to successfully integrate them into society.

The purpose of the program is to create close mentoring relationships for students and graduates of boarding schools, increase motivation to study and work, create opportunities for internships and employment.

You can find more detailed information on the Program's Facebook page or ask questions by sending an e-mail: